The Samuel Ginn College of Engineering will hosts multiple career fairs, industry days, and on-campus interview days each semester. Career Fairs are a great way to network with company recruiters and discover internship, co-op, or full-time opportunities. Participating in career fairs and scheduling on-campus interviews is a great way to secure an exciting professional experience!


Did you know career fairs are not just for graduating students seeking full-time jobs? They are a great opportunity for freshmen - seniors and graduate students to explore opportunities, practice networking, and make connections that may have immediate or future payoff.

Explore companies attending career fairs or recruitment events
Who are they and what do they do? Take note of the companies that appeal to you most. What is it about them that stands out? Follow them on Handshake so you can pursue opportunities there now or in the future.

Practice navigating the layout
There are often 60+ companies at a career fair in one day. It can be overwhelming if it is a new experience for you. Practice now so you will know what to expect and feel more comfortable when the stakes are higher to seek and secure an internship or co-op.

It is never too early to practice talking with employers and gathering information. Consider grabbing a friend and approaching employer tables together.

Seek and secure opportunities
While some companies prefer students further along in their academic curriculum, others welcome the chance to hire freshmen with the hope of retaining them for future opportunities. Don't shy away from pursuing summer internships!

Review the career fair preparation steps outlined below: before, during, and after. Make sure to review the companies attending in advance, familiarize yourself with what they do, and prepare questions you would like to ask.

Talk with employers and gather information! Many recruiters are also Auburn alumni excited to connect with current students. Prepare and practice your personal introduction beforehand. Make sure to request a business card and follow up if you speak with a company where you want to pursue opportunities.

Don't forget about other employer visits
Recruiters visit campus at a variety of times during the semester. Look for opportunities to speak with a company at a Table Talk, Lunch and Learn, Employer-in-Residence, Industry Day or student organization meeting. These are great ways to have quality face time with recruiters in a non-career fair setting.



Visit the events page to see a full list of event dates for our large career fairs, industry days and on-campus interview experiences.

1. Profile updates

  • Create or revise your Handshake profile

    HANDSHAKE | Update career interests and search factors you are prioritizing such as location, type of role, industry, and more. 

2. Identify employers attending

  • Create a list of your 5-10 top employers
  • Research employers attending through Career Fair+, LinkedIn, and company websites
3. Prepare for employer interactions
  • Research and tailor your approach! Think about the company’s
    • Products and services
    • Company culture
    • Recent news such as acquisitions, name changes, or any interesting projects
    • Prepare 3-5 questions for each company
    • Create and/or revise your resume and print enough copies to give to recruiters. Make sure to upload your most recent resume to Handshake
    • Prepare and practice your personal introduction or elevator pitch
    • Plan out your arrival to the career fair including travel time. Give yourself enough time to arrive with time to spare and collect your thoughts upon arrival.

4. Plan your attire. Dress for success!

  • Career fair attendees are most commonly expected to dress in business casual. On-campus interview attire is business professional. What's the difference?
  • Expanding your professional wardrobe? Schedule an Campus Career Closet appointment via Handshake through Career Discovery and Success. It is best to schedule early in to each semester to ensure you have enough time to visit and have access to the most inventory.
  • Pack your padfolio, pen, resume copies, and confidence.


Recruiters will extend on-campus and off-site interview invitations when meeting students at career fairs. For companies conducting post-career fair on-campus interviews, there are two ways to schedule:

  1. Attend the fair and receive an invitation card directly from participating employers
  2. Pre-schedule on Handshake with companies who posted specific job roles. Apply to the job and select an interview time slot.

Spring 2024 Career Fair Interviews Scheduling Timeframe

  • January 10 - January 31 | February 6 + 9 Career Fair Interview Days
  • January 10 - February 11 | February 14 ASCE/ASABE Interview Day
  • January 10 - February 21 | February 27 + 28 Career Fair Interview Days

Steps to Schedule Career Fair Interviews

  • Visit Handshake and log in to your account.
  • Update your profile, including major, classification, and make GPA visible to employers. 
  • Upload your reviewed resume to My Documents, re-naming it to include FirstNameLastName-Spring24, and make it visible to employers.
  • Access the following links to view a list of jobs and interviews associated to the corresponding interview days. Utilize filters to narrow down your search and fit your preferences.
  • As you review positions and preferences, if you meet all qualifications, you can click "apply".
  • Upload the resume you saved earlier and hit "Submit".
  • For employers who have an open interview schedule, a schedule of available time slots to schedule interviews will appear. 
  • Select a time slot for the time that works best for you. Make sure to write down all scheduled interviews to ensure that you do not double-book yourself. Information and reminders will be emailed to you prior to each Career Fair Interview Day by our office and recruiting employers.
  • If you are not redirected to an interview schedule, this means the employer does not have an open interview schedule for the candidate to schedule. The employer will review submitted resumes and follow up to schedule an interview, if interested. Continue monitoring your Handshake messages and email for updates from specific employers.


As you approach the beginning of the career fair, remember to take a deep breath. Review your resume, notes you prepared about companies you hope to interact with. Most importantly, be yourself!

  1. Check-in and familiarize yourself with the event map.

  2. Develop your career fair game plan using CareerFair+. Create your list of employers in the order which you plan to approach them.

  3. As you greet the company representative:
    1. Offer a strong handshake or another form of greeting.
    2. Make eye contact when greeting and speaking with recruiters.
    3. Be mindful of your body language and movements such as posture, fidgeting hands, proximity to others.

  4. Begin with personal introduction. Project your voice, as the space may be loud.
    1. Ask prepared questions.
    2. Discuss any next steps for applying to opportunities that will occur after the fair.

  5. Take notes after each interaction before moving on to the next employer.
    TIP | Make sure to request a business card or write down the name of recruiters you speak with. This ensures you can follow up with questions and stay in touch!


  1. Follow up
  • Send an email thank-you note within 24-48 hours.
  • Personalize the note to each company or recruiter.

    Include in your thank-you note:
  • Appreciation for taking the time to speak with you
  • Something you enjoyed or learned from the conversation
  • The action you plan to take or completed based on your conversations

Keep your message short -- under 100 words. Attach your resume for reference.

Hint: Keep contact information you collected from the company representative in an organized place so you can refer back to it in the future.

Dear Mr. / Ms. [ Name ],

It was a pleasure to meet you at the [Career Event name] this week. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me about your company’s vision for [ what company is working on ]. I really enjoyed learning [ something you learned from conversation ] and am excited about the ways  [ developing or new ] engineers can contribute to this effort.

Per our conversation, I explored the position openings you indicated are available and look forward to submitting my materials in the coming days.

I look forward to keeping in touch. Thanks again for your time [ yesterday / this week ].


[ Name ]

Take Action

  • Follow the recruiter’s instruction about applying for positions within a few days.
  • Consider asking recruiter for follow-up call, virtual chat, or informational interview connection.
  • Attend any follow-up recruitment events with companies you are most attracted to. You can find them on the events page, the company website or LinkedIn page.