Access detailed information about key research projects in our publications and technical reports.

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Education and Training

We offer a wide range of training opportunities including hands on classes and online continuing education courses.

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Our Test Track and state-of-the-art laboratories make us a world leader in asphalt pavement research.

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Our Team

Our researchers and staff are instrumental in bringing new concepts and technologies to practice across the country.

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NCAT's mission is to provide innovative, relevant and implementable research, technology development and education that advances safe, durable and sustainable asphalt pavements.

Latest News

TRB 2020

Auburn transportation expertise on full display at 2022 TRB conference

The custom Dallara AV-21 Indy Lights car Auburn's Autonomous Tiger Racing will compete with in the first-ever Indy Autonomous Challenge.

Auburn Engineering to compete in historic Indy Autonomous Challenge

NCAT graduate students (from left to right) Tiana Lynn, Megan Foshee and Faustina Keuliyan have been awarded AAPT scholarships.

NCAT graduate students awarded AAPT scholarships