Industrial & Systems Engineering Internship Story: Tigris Fulfillment Partners

 intern in front of sign

Katelyn Supra
Industrial & Systems Engineering

This summer, I interned at Tigris Fulfillment Partners, a master distributor, in Atlanta, GA. I found out about my internship through my advisor and thought it sounded interesting so I submitted my resume. I went through three rounds of interviews, with the last one being in person in Atlanta, and after that, I knew it was somewhere I could see myself working. I worked as Business Analyst Intern on the Business Development team, and I mostly worked on customer requests, profit analysis, and process improvement. The areas I learned the most were Excel skills, new technologies, and internal and external business dynamics. This internship gave me a glimpse of my career after graduating from Auburn and helped teach me skills that will be great to have at my first job. I was able to use my SQL and process improvement skills from my coursework at Auburn to make an impact during my internship and can't wait to learn more during my next two years here. I would tell any other students looking for an internship to have confidence in themselves and their skills, always be willing to learn more, and find somewhere that you feel you will truly fit in!