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In order to conduct a strong search for professional experience, you need to know what you're searching for. Understanding personal interests and skills, along with requirements and qualifications for the role and industry of choice takes time to navigate and will be essential to launch a purposeful career.

Here are five initial considerations to frame your search before you get started:

  1. Set clear expectations and goals. Design and revisit your career plan often as you embark on your search. It is essential to identify outcomes and process through the steps to achieve a desired end result.
  2. Organization is key. Stay organized and be methodical by documenting each position you apply to – the role, the company, and timeframe of each interaction in the application process. TIP: Keep all information organized in one place, such as Excel and update regularly.
  3. Timing matters. The search takes time. Carve out time in your daily schedule solely for the search to search opportunities, document next steps, follow-up with company contacts, and further tailor application material.
  4. Quality > Quantity. Quality applications and material will set you apart from other applicants. Tailor your resume for your applications, prepare a customized cover letter, and find contacts to reach out to – whether by connecting with Auburn alumni on LinkedIn or searching for opportunities to connect with recruiters at a career fair or recruitment event.
  5. Actively communicate at each stage of the process. Whether preparing your elevator pitch for an upcoming employer information session or engaging with alumni on LinkedIn, professional, active communication plays a vital role in the search process.



Whether applying to internships or full-time roles, you can begin with the following steps!