Post-Graduate Electrical Engineer Appointment with Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education

The U.S. Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory (USAARL) located at Fort Rucker, Alabama is a nationally recognized laboratory for research into safety, survival, impact tolerance, sustainability and performance effectiveness of aviators and soldiers. The USAARL's research focuses on blunt, blast, and accelerative injury and protection; crew survival in military helicopters and combat vehicles; the en route care environment; human operator health and performance in complex systems and sensory performance, injury and protection.

The Laboratory's highly skilled workforce consists of rated aviators, medical professionals, doctoral- and masters-level researchers, and research technicians.

The Post-Graduate Electrical Engineer will learn how to conduct Electromagnetic Interference Testing (EMI) for medical items being tested and evaluated for use on-board Army rotary-wing aircraft. The participant will help Test Managers execute airworthiness testing for carry-on medical items and summarize findings in written reports. The participant will also gain experience in the design and development of airborne instrumentation systems and video systems.

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