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Sign up to be an Engineering Peer Mentor

Want to help underclass students in the College of Engineering by sharing your experience and insight?

Peer Mentoring is a one-to-one relationship between an experienced student who shares their knowledge with a less experienced student to assist in their college career.

PROBLEM SOLVE  I  Share knowledge and perspectives about being a successful Auburn Engineering student.

OVERCOME HURDLES  I  Discover strengths and weaknesses and encourage growth in these areas.

EXPLORE WORK METHODS  I  Provide information about academic support services and other resources across campus that support student success.

GOAL SETTING  I  Assist in creation of academic goals, as well as the development of attitudes, behaviors, and actions that support these goals.

MAKE CONNECTIONS  I  Explore engineering student organizations and activities that encourage engagement and student success.


Academic Requirement to Participate  I  2.5 or higher GPA

Contact  I for more information / to sign up