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Design your career in 2021


Cheers and War Eagle to a new year!

We survived 2020, and the initial weeks of 2021 seem off to a bumpy start. I never imagined on January 1, 2020 that we would meet you in 350+ Zoom career coaching appointments, you would schedule over 2,900 employer meetings at a virtual career fair, not to mention regularly attend your classes and student or meetings from (hopefully) the most comfortable seat on your couch. 

And yet, 2020 had its upsides too.

Personally, 2020 meant a renewed sense of what matters most and a deeper (sometimes painful) self-awareness of how I process the world. How do you define 2020? Over the long winter break, I hope you were able to re-charge from the upheaval of the year, spend time with people who bring you joy, and reflect on what matters most to you. Maybe you even spent time on these 4 ways to make the most of your winter break.

Heading into the spring semester...

we in the Engineering Career Development & Corporate Relations (CDCR) office are more convinced than ever that making meaning of your experiences -- all of them! in the classroom, the field, the lab, the student org meeting, or anywhere else you spend time -- is vital to designing the career path that's right for your next step after Auburn. It's why we're here -- to equip you to discover, develop, and launch purposeful careers.

With that, here is what we have in store to support you this year.

  • Virtual 1:1 career coaching appointments on Career Fair Prep, Major & Career Exploration, Mock Interviews, Resumes + Cover Letters, Internship + Job Search, & more!
  • Weekly group coaching Tailored to your needs when you arrive and designed for you to learn from your career coach & your peers
    • Nuts + Bolts of Engineering Resumes I Mondays, 3-4 PM
    • Strategies for Successful (Job & Internship) Searches I Thursdays, 12:30 - 1:30 PM
  • Explore companies + network with employers through 1:1 chats with the employer-in-residence, info sessions @ student organization meetings, job shadowing with companies like NASA & Stryker Corporation, and career fairs on CareerFair+.

Stay tuned for all the details on Handshake >>

It's impossible to say what the next year will bring, but at times of uncertainty I have complete confidence in the Auburn Engineers of the future. I hope you'll be empowered to design the career you want for your future, building it one semester at a time. We'll be here to help you in the process.

War Eagle,

Jessica Bowers & the Engineering Career Team


*Science and Technology achievements identified and shared on LinkedIn by Martin Harbech, a LinkedIn 2020 Top Voice