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The Effects of Footwear and Orthotics on Biomechanics

The purpose of this project is to develop customized orthotic insoles that emulate the biomechanical benefits of unshod conditions using additive manufacturing of metals and polymers. Analysis and comparison of various footwear conditions and orthotics will further reveal the mechanisms by which footwear affects gait and other daily activities. In order to develop orthotics such as these, the biomechanics of the selected population will need to be examined and compared in shod and unshod conditions, and with the use of current off-the-shelf orthotic shoe inserts and kinesiology tape. Kinesiology tape is a stretchable elastic adhesive tape that can be applied to the foot in slight tension to mimic the support provided by orthotics, but without hindering the observability of the foot. Consumer off-the-shelf foot orthoses will be tested to determine the effects on kinetics, kinematics, ground reaction force, and muscle activation. Multiple trails will be conducted of the same movements with the subjects wearing no shoes, no shoes with kinesiology tape, shoes without orthotics, and shoes with various orthotic inserts in the shoes.