AUBE Related Courses

If you are interested in Biomechanics, check these courses: 

MECH 59/6970- Introduction to Biomechanical Engineering: Introduction to the multidisciplinary field of study called Biomechanics – the examination of energy and forces within living systems and the physical effects produced by such energy and forces. Topics covered include 1) human musculoskeletal physiology and anatomy, 2) properties of biological materials, 3) biomechanically relevant mechanics, 4) methods and practice of measuring biomechanical systems, and 5) applications of biomechanical study.

Spring, 2022 Guest Lecture, "Machine Learning for Biomechanics" by David Hollinger

MECH 59/6970 - Engineering in the Arts: This course will educate students on the engineering associated with multiple forms of art such as the playing of musical instruments, painting, Renaissance architecture, and dance. Students learn about key historical figures of the Renaissance that held major influence on the origins of biomechanics as a field of study as well as modern-day Western art, engineering, and architecture. Sample lecture topics include 1) Leonardo Da Vinci, 2) Engineering of the Piano, 3) The Biomechanics of Ballet, 4) The Biomechanics of Bowed/String Instrument Playing, 5) Giovanni Borelli (“The Father of Biomechanics”), and 6) Architecture and the Human Body. A number of the lectures have corresponding excursions that students attend such as the Leonardo da Vinci Museum, the Galileo Museum, Academia Gallery (home of the “David”), an opera, a ballet, and the Santa Maria Del Fiore (Duomo Florence). Check out our Biomechanics in Italy page to learn more about this course!