Study Abroad

Join other Auburn Engineering students to study abroad in Florence, Italy where you will learn how engineering and the arts are intertwined. To learn more you can email Dr. Zabala at or Dr. Oldfather at Or you can visit the course website here.

This course centers on the engineering associated with multiple forms of art such as the playing of musical instruments, painting, Renaissance architecture, and dance. Students learn about key historical figures of the Renaissance that held major influence on the origins of biomechanics as a field of study as well as modern-day Western art, engineering, and architecture. Lecture topics include 1) Leonardo Da Vinci, 2) Engineering of the Piano, 3) The Biomechanics of Ballet, 4) The Biomechanics of Bowed/String Instrument Playing, 5) Giovanni Borelli (“The Father of Biomechanics”), and 6) Architecture and the Human Body. A number of the lectures have corresponding excursions for students to attend such as the Galileo Museum, the Accademia Gallery (home of the “David”), the Uffizi Gallery, an opera in Rome, a Vatican tour, and a climb to the top of the dome of the Santa Maria Del Fiore (Duomo Florence).


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