Two AUBE Lab Students Defend Ph.D. Dissertation

  • Jake Larson completed his dissertation defense on June 24, 2022, titled "Nonlinear Measures for Biomechanical Assessment of Movement Health and Postural Complexity." You can find a copy of Jake's dissertation here
  • Kyle Castellano defended his dissertation on July 18, 2022, titled, "Design, Performance, and Analysis of an Automated Tool for Neuropathy Assessment on the Plantar Surface."

PhD student David Hollinger presents at the Graduate Engineering Showcase

Graduate student David Hollinger presenting at the Graduate Engineering Showcase

Auburn CPAP Ventilator

With the ventilator shortage due to COVID-19, Auburn University Mechanical Engineering faculty, including AUBE Lab Director, Dr. Zabala, teamed up to help solve the shortage!


Check out more about the RE-INVENT project:

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Holly Rowe with ESPN came to visit the AUBE Lab to discuss the new braces the lab has been designing for the Auburn University football team!  Check out the story here

as.jpg ESPN Reporter Holly Rowe
Watch the story behind the AUBE Lab helping Auburn University Football below. Read more about the story here.

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