The Stormwater Research Facility at Auburn University has extensive testing capabilities for product evaluation and for product research and development. Our program provides independent, third-party, standardized testing of stormwater practices that can be used towards applications for product approval. Overall product performance are compared against conventional practices to evaluate whether a product provides a substantial improvement in managing stormwater.


Testing Services Offered

Product evaluation testing of stormwater practices evaluates the structural integrity, sediment deposition, and water quality efficiencies of each product/system. Evaluations are conducted using replicate experiments conducted at full or large-scale, replicating field installation techniques and expected runoff and sediment loads. The Stormwater Lab can provide a variety of standardized tests including:

  • Erosion Control Products under Simulated Rainfall (ASTM D6459)
  • Ditch Check / Check Dam Testing (ASTM D7208 –Mod.)
  • Inlet Protection Testing
  • Full-Scale Sediment Barrier Testing (ASTM D7351 –Mod.)
  • Intermediate-Scale Sediment Barrier Testing (ASTM D7351 –Mod.)
  • Surface Skimmer Dewatering Flow Rates

Testing Apparatuses

  • Rainfall Simulators
  • Inlet Protection Channel
  • Ditch Check Channels
  • Catch Basin Test Apparatus
  • Sediment Barrier Slope
  • Sediment Basin
  • Channel Sediment Basin
  • Skimmer Evaluation Tank


Custom testing needs can be met. To inquire on product testing services contact Dr. Mike Perez directly at (334) 844-6267 or