College of EngineeringDepartment of Civil and Environmental EngineeringStudentsChi Epsilon National Conference 2024

The Auburn University Chapter of Chi Epsilon will be hosting the 2024 National Conference on April 12, 2024.

Chi Epsilon – Conception | Design | Construction (



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  • Registration start times will be displayed in the member's local time zone. For example, if you are in the Eastern time zone, the Morning Session will start at 1pm ET, and the Afternoon Session will start at 4pm ET.

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3) Pre-Conference Open Q&A
     Thursday, March 11th
     (12pm-2pm PT)
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If you missed registration, please click here to access the conference. The link will be active once the conference begins at 10am PT (1pm EST).
The passcode is: XECon2024



Opening Plenary
  • Auburn Introductions includes message from Dean.
  • Welcome/Opening & NC Introductions. 
  • Address from Executive Director – State of XE and Highlights of 2023. 
  • Quick overview of working groups and how rooms will be structured.

Morning Breakout
  • Working Groups - Members will be distributed among six sessions, based on registration sign up preferences and availability.
    • Full meeting agenda, including information about working groups may be found here.

Closing Plenary
  • Morning Wrap Up/Designees from each working group will have 2-3 minutes to report on action items, lessons learned, best practices established (if any), and next steps. 

LUNCH BREAK (12pm-1pm PT)
  • Video tour of Auburn's campus.
  • Lunch Break - Open break out rooms if members wish to congregate within districts.
Opening Plenary
  • Auburn Afternoon Welcome.
  • Quick overview of afternoon breakout session one agendas and how rooms will be structured. 

Afternoon Breakout Session One
  • Students meet as combined ASCE regions by geographic location (3 groups).
  • Faculty Advisors meet as a group.

Afternoon Plenary
  • Optional working group share outs. 
  • Bylaws queries and ratification vote.
  • Quick overview of afternoon breakout session two agenda and how rooms will be structured. 

Afternoon Breakout Session Two (District Caucus)
  • Faculty Advisors and students join district meetings.

Closing Plenary
  • Scholarship Winners (individual and chapter).
  • Wrap up from XENC Leadership, Thanks to Auburn for Hosting, Closing Remarks. 


Please visit to locate all relevant conference materials.