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Diversity Statement

The biosystems engineering profession inherently consist of diverse sub-disciplines that collectively focus on the main goal of the profession – to develop engineering-based sustainable solutions to essentials of life -ample food, clean water, affordable energy and healthy environment, but also value the broad array of perspectives required to achieve this common goal. At Auburn University Department of Biosystems Engineering, we also value the diverse students, faculty, and staff in the department, and commit to ensuring that they experience a workplace environment that is safe, equitable and inclusive. An example of our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is that female students comprise nearly half of our undergraduate student population (the highest percentage of female enrollment among the Auburn University College of Engineering departments).

We are committed to fostering a culture that does not tolerate discrimination, and acknowledges and values all dimensions of diversity including those based on life experience, creative ideas, gender, nationality, race, identity, ethnicity and religion. We care for the well-being of, and respect the contributions of each faculty, staff and student. Increasing the number of underrepresented groups in our family, ensuring that all feel welcome, and that our department is accessible to all qualified individuals is a top priority for us.

If you feel that any of these principles are not being followed by any member of the department, or by the department itself, we encourage you to talk to the Department Head or report through the Auburn University Bias Reporting website (