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Why should YOU become a Biosystems Engineer? 

  • Our graduates have over 95% job placement within 6 months of graduating.
  • Graduates excel in designing engineering-based, sustainable solutions for all of life's essential challenges; food, water, energy, environment, and health.
  • Faculty are dedicated to graduating cross-disciplinary focused engineers with practical and adaptable problem-solving skills, that can be applied to a local community scale as well as a global scale.
  • Students are exposed to hands-on learning opportunities, augmented with field visits and lab experiences.
  • Female students comprise 52% of the undergraduate students; the highest proportion of any engineering program at Auburn University.
  • We pride ourselves on the personalized educational experience for each student. We provide an environment for students to build long-lasting relationships with fellow students, faculty, and staff.
  • The department is the only program in the Southeast that produces graduates, conducts research, and provides outreach in ecological engineering, forest engineering, and poultry housing technology. Forestry and poultry are the top two economic impact industries in the Southeast.