The focus of the Department of Biosystems Engineering is to produce competent engineers that are able to develop sustainable and resilient solutions to global challenges and life’s essentials:ml food, water, energy, environment, and health. Students in the department are trained in a family-centered environment that enhances their learning and development, while preparing them to be future leaders.

There are approximately 204 undergraduate students and 30 graduate students in Biosystems Engineering at Auburn. The well-rounded engineering experiences provided by the department enables students to function exceptionally well on the multidisciplinary teams in today's workforce. The department offers a Biosystems Engineering major (with options in Bioprocess Engineering, Ecological Engineering, Forest Engineering), and a Biological and Agricultural Technology Management (BATMan) major.

Since its origins in 1919, Auburn's Biosystems Engineering Department has been providing engineering solutions to improve our quality of life. With continued growth in faculty and students, we will continue to serve Alabama's beyond the 21st century.

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