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The Engineering Safety Council (ESC) serves as the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering safety advisory group charged with identifying, reviewing and implementing programs to address safety, health, security, and emergency preparedness issues, as they relate to the vision of the college as well as matters that could affect every member of the college (faculty, staffs, students, contractors, and visitors).

The ESC consist of member representatives from each of the academic and administrative departments within the college. The goal of ESC is to provide a forum to discuss safety, health and security issues that affect the College by involving faculty, staff, and students in identifying hazards and suggesting how to prevent them. 

The responsibilities of the Engineering Safely Council include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Serve as an advisory body to the College on safety, health, and security issues
  • Support and promote efforts by the College of Engineering Office of Safety to create awareness programs that foster a safe environment for teaching, research and outreach activities
  • Conduct inspections and review reported safety and security concerns as well as recommend actions as appropriate
  • Promptly review reports of near-miss/accidents/property damage/injury to identify trends and work with the administration to adopt actions or procedures that will promote a safe environment for teaching, research and outreach activities
  • Recommend, review and revise safety programs as they relate to the college to the Administration



Faculty Representatives

Department Chair
Aerospace Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Industrial and Systems Engineering
Biosystems Engineering
Materials Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Computer Science and Software Engineering

Student, Staff and Alumni, Campus department and Centers representatives

Engineering Student Council
Student Services
Business Office
Campus Safety and Security
Risk Management and Safety
National Center for Asphalt Technology