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Apply for Graduate Admission

Applications for admission to the graduate program are required to take the aptitude portion of the Graduate Record Examination. Applicants from foreign countries are further required to take the TOEFL examination.


The Department of Mechanical Engineering requires that applicants for admission have a bachelor of science degree from an accredited institution of recognized standing and the necessary undergraduate experience in areas of study relevant to the proposed graduate program. For applicants who have completed work beyond a bachelor's degree, records of both graduate and undergraduate work are taken into account. While most applicants for the graduate program have an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering, it is not necessarily a requirement. Students admitted to our program with such backgrounds are normally required to complete several undergraduate mechanical engineering courses. The exact program is adapted to each applicant's previous training.

All applicants will be evaluated on an individual basis by the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Committee. 

Begin the application process by visiting the Graduate School's application instructions page.