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Future Undergraduate Students

Do you enjoy experimenting with chemistry but also like learning about modern electronics? Are you interested in the textile industry but also fascinated by the mechanical aspects of engineering? Have you ever wondered what solar panels, airplane wings, or computer chips are actually made of?

Choosing a discipline of engineering to study can be difficult when you have many different interests. Materials engineering provides students with a broad scope of knowledge that spans all kinds of engineering. Along with learning about the structures and properties of different types of materials, students set themselves up with a chance to go into nearly any engineering industry. A variety of multidisciplinary studies are presented within materials engineering, including chemistry, mechanics, textiles, electronics, and more. With newly-offered courses focusing on sustainability, the materials engineering program continues to provide students with growing opportunities to explore both established and developing technologies.

Because materials-related challenges exist in virtually every technological field, materials engineering graduates are in demand and well-equipped to adapt to changes in the job market. This flexibility allows materials engineers to collaborate and explore opportunities in virtually limitless related research fields. In Auburn’s materials engineering curriculum, students obtain exposure to other engineering disciplines through technical electives, which are selected from a list of coordinated course sequences, and intra-collegiate collaboration.

The wide range of fields available to materials engineers allows them to be employed with an variety of businesses. Our undergraduates hold positions with companies including Exxon Mobil Cooperation, Ford Motor Company, Koch Industries, Chevron, NASA, General Motors, General Electric, BASF, and more.

The materials engineering program has a small student-to-professor ratio, which allows for individual attention from faculty for our students. The program also maintains strong alumni connections which provide opportunities for networking and career building in engineering industries.

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