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Two minors are offered within the materials engineering program: Materials Science and Materials Engineering.

Materials Science Minor

Students completing this 15-hour minor will have an understanding of the science underlying the structure-property relationships in solid state materials. The minor provides students with an understanding of the solid state chemistry and physics that are applied to control materials properties and design fabrication processes. The minor can provide complementary scientific understanding to engineering students or demonstrate application of science to materials properties to students from the sciences.

Materials Engineering Minor

Students completing this 15-hour minor will have an understanding of the structure-property relationships of different types of materials and be able to apply this understanding to the processing and selection of materials for engineering applications. The minor includes courses that focus on each of the major classes of materials (metals, polymers, and ceramics) and includes an elective to allow students to pursue their particular areas of interest. The minor will provide students in other disciplines with a better understanding of materials related to their particular interests.