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Information for Newly Admitted Students

There are three primary websites that graduate students should become familiar with and consult for policies and procedures pertaining to graduate studies at Auburn University.

  1. Our department's web page is the best place to start for information regarding our program.  We make every attempt to keep our website updated with the latest information. Departmental policies and procedures for the graduate program are described in the Current Graduate Student section of the web page.
  2. The Graduate School sets policies and procedures for all graduate students at Auburn University and maintains its own website.
  3. The Auburn Bulletin provides a listing of academic programs, degree requirements and details about policies and includes a section for the Graduate School.

ISE People

  • Administration
    • Jorge Valenzuela-Graduate Program Officer (GPO)-PhD
    • LuAnn Carpenter-Graduate Program Officer (GPO)-Masters degree (online)
    • Sa'd Hamasha-Graduate Program Officer (GOP)-Masters degree (on campus)
  • The faculty is listed here.
  • The Staff is listed here.

Graduate Student Email List

Email is our primary method of communication with students so make sure that you are subscribed to the Graduate Student Email List.  To sign-up click here.  Please use your Auburn University email address ( not to sign up for the list.

Graduate Degrees and Requirements in ISE

  • MISE
    • At least 9 hours core courses, at least 12 hours of INSY electives, up to 9 hours of INSY related electives plus graduate seminar for a total of 31 hours.
    • Same as MISE except that one less INSY or INSY-related elective can be taken plus MBA courses for a total of 55 hours.
  • MS
    • Same as MISE except that 4-6 hours of thesis will substitute for INSY electives for a total of 31 hours.
  • MEM
    • 30 hours program with four options – see here.
  • PhD
    • Same as MISE plus general exam, dissertation (at least 10 hours of research and dissertation), and oral exam for a total of 60 hours.

For more information about the graduate degrees that are offered in ISE and minimum requirements please see here.

Course Offering

  • Required courses:
    • Required courses are generally only offered once a year; if you miss a class, you will have to wait one year to take it
  • Elective courses:
    • Some offered once a year, others offered every other year or less frequently
    • Selection of electives is done in conjunction with your advisor – electives should build depth on a topic of interest
    • Students in all of our programs are allowed to take up to three “INSY-related” electives outside of the department that can count toward the degree. We are fairly liberal with our approval for these courses as our graduates work in many different industries with different interests. However, it is recommended that students check with the Graduate Program Officer for approval. That being said, at Auburn, graduate students are only allowed to register for courses in their home department. If you wish to take a class outside of our department, you must contact the instructor of the course or the department for permission. Our department has no control over whether they allow you in or not.
  • When courses are offered:

TA/RA and International students (on campus) should register for at least 9 hours/semester. Please note that you are primarily responsible for the selection of specific courses you wish to take during your academic career.


Every MS, MISE, and PhD graduate student is expected to enroll in INSY 7950, Seminar. Attendance will be taken and is mandatory. Online students attend by video.  This course features guest speakers on state-of-the-art topics in industrial engineering. This course is an important part of your professional development.  Engineering Management students are not required to enroll in seminar, but may enroll if desired.

Academic Standing

To be in good academic standing, you must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0

  • Academic Probation
    • Happens if at the end of any semester when the cumulative GPA falls below a 3.0.
  • Academic Suspension
    • Happens if the cumulative GPA remains under 3.0 after the next 11 credit hours of graduate enrollment after being put on probation.
    • Remediation plan must be approved by the department and the dean of the Graduate School.  Remediation is not automatic.

Applying for Graduation

  • Please use this link ( to apply for graduation no later than the last day of the semester before the semester you plan to graduate.
  • MISE and MEM students do not have a committee, so leave that section blank. Dr. LuAnn Carpenter ( is the advisor/committee chair for all online students. Dr. Sa'd Hamasha ( is the advisor/committee chair for all on-campus students.


Note that any student with a minimum of 10 hours (.25 FTE) and a minimum stipend of $630/month is required to have insurance and will be automatically charged unless they turn in the waiver form NO LATER than the 9th class day. Waiver forms are available at here. If a waiver form is not turned in to the Graduate Insurance office in Foy Hall by the 9th class day, the student will be enrolled for the entire semester.

Graduate Assistantship

Information about our graduate assistantships is available here.

I-20 Form

For international students, the Graduate School and the Office of International Education initiate work on your I-20 immediately after your admittance to the university.  The Graduate School will contact you if they require any additional financial information in order to complete the I-20.  

The estimated cost of attendance for international students is available here at the following OIE web site.

English Proficiency

  • For international students:
    • INTL 1800 – Oral proficiency
    • INTL 1820 – Classroom communications (required for TAs).
    • INTL 1830 – Writing proficiency
  • More advanced courses:
    • ENGL 3040 – Technical writing
    • ENGL 3080 – Business Writing


TBD International Student Check-in (mandatory for new international students).  See here for more details.
TBD International Student Orientation in Foy 258 at 8:00 am
TBD Teaching Assistant Orientation, 8:00 am - 4:30 p.m. at The Hotel at Auburn University.  Email or call 334-844-8530 for more information.
TBD Graduate School Orientation for new Graduate Students in Auburn Arena between 2:00 - 3:30 pm. See here for more details.
TBD Classes Begin

Auburn University and the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering offers multiple orientation sessions for graduate students. Please select the orientation session that applies to you: