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Graduation Instructions

There are several administrative steps you must take to graduate (click here for more information):

1) Complete your Plan of Study (POS) on DegreeWorks ( before the semester you plan to graduate. For example, if you are planning to graduate in May, you must file your POS and have it approved before the end of the preceding fall semester. The end of semester is defined as the last day of final exams. Once your DegreeWorks planner is complete, notify the Graduate School by email. The link given above has a template that you paste into your email.

    If you are a course-only MISE student:

  • Your major professor is LuAnn Carpenter
  • Also, your graduate program officer is LuAnn Carpenter
  • MISE students do not have a committee, so leave this part blank.

Complete your online graduation check. It must also be completed before the end of the semester preceding the semester you plan to graduation. Here is the link:

The Graduate School will register you for the graduation course in the graduation semester (UNIV 4AA0-GR1), a zero-credit hour course, once you have completed your POS and your graduation check and once registration opens for the semester. There is no work to be done for the UNIV course (no attendance, no exams, etc.); this course is simply a mechanism for you to be placed on the graduation list. If everything is done correctly, you will receive emails during the semester concerning obtaining your cap and gown.