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Financial Aid

The department offers graduate assistantships in two forms: Teaching Assistantships (TA); and Research Assistantships (RA). TAs assist faculty members with classes (grading, laboratories, recitation, lectures, office hours, etc.) and RAs work with individual or groups of faculty members on research projects. All PhD applicants are automatically considered for assistantships upon acceptance into the program.  However, both types of assistantships are highly competitive and most students are not awarded assistantships during their initial term. The pay rate for assistantships varies, but all assistantships are accompanied by tuition and health insurance (see for details about these fellowships).

Teaching Assistantship

Teaching assistantships are awarded based on teaching needs and available funding. A department committee, lead by the department chair, awards all teaching assistantships. The target dates for awarding TAs are April 15 (for the following Fall semester) and November 15 (for the following Spring semester). Students who are awarded teaching assistantships will be contacted directly, typically before these respective dates.

Research Assistantship

Research assistantships are awarded by individual faculty members based on their individual project research needs and available funding. It is unusual for newly entering students to be awarded an RA, as these are generally awarded based on classroom or personal interaction with individual faculty members. However, it is quite common for students to be awarded an RA after establishing themselves in class and TAs often switch to RAs once they identify their research topic and permanent advisor.

INSY graduate students are free to seek and take assistantships in other departments. In previous semesters, INSY graduate students have been employed in the Math, Statistics, and Mechanical Engineering departments, among others.


Occupational Safety and Ergonomics (OSE) Fellowships

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