Concrete materials laboratory

The Auburn concrete laboratory is located in the basement of the Harbert Engineering Center. The concrete laboratory forms a key component of the concrete research at Auburn. The laboratory allows faculty, staff, and students test to assess the various fresh and hardened concrete properties that may affect the performance of concrete members.


Two cracking frames with match curing unit


Creep testing room

Current equipment:

  • Hardened concrete testing laboratory occupies 750 ft 2 of floor space
  • 600 ft2 Isothermal Temperature (73°F) mixing/batching room
  • 25 Creep testing frames for 6 x 12 in. cylinders
  • 200 ft2 room for shrinkage and creep testing
  • Early-age concrete cracking frame-manufactured in Munich, Germany
  • 800 ft 2 of floor space for processing of aggregates
  • 600,000 lbs. compression testing machine (Forney FX-600)
  • 400,000 lbs compression testing machine
  • 2 x Adiabatic Hydration Equipment (Q-Drums)
  • Freeze-Thaw chamber and test equipment
  • Rapid chloride ion permeability test equipment
  • Match cast concrete cylinder molds (x8)
  • 12 x 12 ft moist temperature controlled curing room
  • 11.5 x 11.5 ft temperature and humidity-controlled chamber
  • 2 temperature controlled water baths
  • Moisture correction scales
  • Hydration chambers
  • Aggregate jaw crusher
  • Aggregate shakers with concrete sieves
  • Batching scales
  • 1 x 4 ft drum mixer
  • 1 x 12 ft drum mixer
  • 6 x Concrete Maturity meters (Early-age strength prediction)
  • LOK-TEST Pullout Tester
  • L-Box, J-Ring, etc for self-consolidating concrete testing
  • Desiccator and vacuum-oven for preparation of microscopy samples for SEM

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