Bioprocess Engineering

Publications - 2023

  • Biological Waste Treatment & Valorization
  • Biofuels & Biochemicals Production
  • Metabolic Engineering & Synthetic Biology
  • Lifecycle Assessment
  • Algal-bacteria Bioprocesses
  • Pathogen Detection & Control
  • Biological Materials Preprocessing & Standardization
  • Postharvest Technology
  • Biodegradable & Active Packaging Materials
  • Food & Process Engineering

Related Professors: Sushil Adhikari, Oladiran Fasina, Brendan Higgins, Hossein JahromiSaravanan Shanmugam, Yifen Wang

Ecological and Water Resources Engineering

Publications - 2023

  • Ecological Engineering
    • Algal Bloom Prevention
    • Systems Modeling
    • Coastal Ecological Engineering
  • Soil & Water Conservation Engineering
    • Aquatic System Engineering
    • Agricultural & Landscape Irrigation
    • Water Quality and Quantity Modeling
    • Erosion & Sedimentation Control
    • Fate & Transport of Nutrients in Environment
    • Watershed Analysis & Management
    • Non-point Source Pollution
    • Wastewater Nutrient Recovery & Management
    • Ecological Waste Treatment
    • Sustainable Water Reuse for Irrigation
  • Climate variability
  • Low Impact Development

Related Professors: David Blersch, Jon DavisMark DoughertyJasmeet Lamba, Anna Linhoss

Smart Systems for Production Ag & Forestry

Publications - 2023

  • AI-based Imaging Technology for Plant Phenotyping
  • Proximal Soil Moisture Sensing for Precision Irrigation
  • Autonomous Agricultural Robots
  • Precision Agriculture and Forestry
  • Sustainability of Forest Operations

Related Professors: Timothy McDonald, Tanzeel Rehman

Controlled Environment in Agriculture

Publications - 2023

  • Precision Animal Management
  • Smart Poultry & Livestock Housing Systems
  • Smart Horticultural Systems and Greenhouses
  • Recirculating Aquaculture Systems Engineering
  • Water & Energy Conservation in Confined Systems

Related Professors: Jesse CampbellJeremiah DavisCarson EdgeJohn LinhossTanzeel Rehman

Emerging Systems

Publications - 2023

  • Ag Systems Modeling & Data Analytics
  • Renewable Energy in Ag Systems
  • Sustainable, Resilience & Circular Ag Systems

Related Professors: Sushil AdhikariWilliam BatchelorDavid BlerschAnna LinhossTanzeel Rehman

Recent Research News

Pictured is the Shelby Center for Engineering Technology on Auburn's campus.
Graduate School honors 28 students from Auburn Engineering
More than 20 engineering graduate students were recognized at the annual Auburn University Graduate School awards ceremony, Friday, April 26, in the Melton Student Center Ballroom.
4/30/24 9:45 AM
Students in the Auburn University Biomechanical Engineering Lab (AUBE Lab) capture the movements of Madelyn Ho, a performer with the Paul Taylor Dance Company.
AUBE Lab collaborates with world-famous dance company
Thanks to Auburn Engineering, one of the best modern dance ensembles in the world might now be even better.  On Monday, in advance of the Paul Taylor Dance Company's Tuesday night performance at the Gogue Performing Arts Center, students in the Auburn Biomechanical Engineering (AUBE) Lab mapped the movements of three of the company's dancers via motion capture technology.
4/16/24 3:00 PM
Manish Sakhakarmy at the 2023 ASABE Annual International Meeting in Omaha, Nebraska.
BSE doctoral student's presentation on bio-resin places first at ASABE
Auburn's Department of Biosystems Engineering shows no signs of changing its award-winning ways for the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE). The most recent example? Doctoral student Manish Sakhakarmy, whose oral presentation on the pyrolysis of Douglas firs, eucalyptus and poplar trees for novolac resin production recently placed first in the oral / poster competition at the ASABE Annual International Meeting in Omaha, Nebraska.  
2/19/24 4:15 PM
Entrants must record a video presentation using animation, simulation, diagrams, pictures, or even demonstrations explaining an overview of their respective study, but at a level where general audiences can understand. Each video must not exceed 60 seconds.
Registration under way for AUSome Science in 60 Seconds
Last spring’s AUsome Science in 60 Seconds research pitch competition was so successful, Auburn Engineering is hosting it again.
1/19/24 2:30 PM
Ryan Pollard won first place for oral presentation, honorable mention for poster presentation and Best in Show overall.
Student in mechanical engineering wins Best in Show at research showcase
Ryan Pollard, a first-year graduate student, earned 'Best in Show' honors for his oral and poster presentation, "A Kinematics-Based Approach to Future Joint Angle Prediction."
10/16/23 9:40 AM