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Financial assistance based on academic ability and/or financial need is available to Biosystems Engineering students through Auburn University, Samuel Ginn College of Engineering, College of Agriculture, and School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences programs. BSEN students are also eligible for the following departmental scholarships:

  • Alabama State Section ASABE (American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers) Scholarship for Students who major in Biosystems Engineering.
  • Auburn Pulp & Paper Foundation Scholarship for undergraduate students attending specializing in one of the pulp, paper, and bio-resource options.
  • BSEN Advisory Council - Beth Thorne Stukes Ever Auburn Endowed Scholarship for Biosystems Engineering students with financial need.
  • F.A. Kummer Scholarship for freshmen and sophomores, based on leadership, academic achievement, and financial need.
  • Hop King Scholarship for Biosystems Engineering students with financial need.
  • Huntington and Davis Family Scholarship for non-freshmen Biosystems Engineering student or animal student.
  • Imogene Thornell Walker Memorial Alumni Endowed Student Scholarship for Forest Engineering Students
  • Krebs Engineering Annual Scholarship for Biosystems Engineering students.
  • Lee W. Richards Scholarship for Biosystems Engineering Students.
  • Maxwell E. Jones Memorial Scholarship for students with demonstrated academic excellence and financial need.
  • Reeves Family Endowed Fund for Excellence Scholarship for Biosystems Engineering student interested in animal housing technology and with financial need.
  • Russell and Adelaide Roberson Scholarship for Biosystems Engineering students with financial need.
  • Rooke Family Endowed Scholarship for junior or senior Forest Engineering students who demonstrate a strong work ethic by holding a full or part time job, with preference to students who have actively served in the United States Armed Services or are currently participating in a branch of Auburn ROTC.
  • Stella-Jones Corporation Annual Scholarship for junior or senior Forest Engineering Students.
  • Taylor Family Ever Endowed Scholarship for Biosystems Engineering students.
  • WestRock Annual Scholarship for sophomore, junior, or senior Forest Engineering students.
  • Weyerhaeuser Giving Fund/Jim Leist Memorial Scholarship for Forest Engineering students that have completed Forestry Summer Practicum and with a demonstrated financial need.
  • William P. Adkins Memorial Scholarship for outstanding sophomores demonstrating interest in research or professional pursuits.
  • William R. Gill Scholarship for female students with financial needs.

Auburn University has recently purchased a new scholarship software program. Revisions are being made to the scholarship application process. For further information, refer to the Office of University Scholarships.

Stay tuned for further developments.


Additional Scholarship Options

Additional scholarships available to BSEN students require additional scholarship applications.  Please fill out the specific forms under the links below.