The Center for Inclusive Engineering Excellence Mentor – Mentee program is an academic year appointment in which the Mentor and Mentee meet monthly to discuss professional, academic and personal development.

Mentoring is a process that creates change through learning about how one experiences and endures challenges that emerge as one tries to accomplish a goal.

Mentors and mentees must create an atmosphere that is conducive to learning. When they succeed, their relationship will be one filled with mutual respect and trust. Successes will be celebrated and failures are not punished but rather are accepted as investments in learning. The relationship will be productive as evidenced by the mentee having improved knowledge, skills and performance. The mentor’s role is to be supportive, challenging, a pathfinder, empowering and manage effective learning. Our mentees are receptive, self-managing, strive to achieve and be guided by authentic self-awareness, and maintain an orientation for growth.