The Center for Inclusive Engineering Excellence has components and events in place to help students excel in and out of the classroom. The center offers opportunities to support students in their college pathway towards success, which includes mock interviews, resume workshops and study groups.

  • Academic Tutorial & Professional Development Workshops: These workshops are designed to help students with academic preparation and professional development. Students are provided the opportunity to study and receive assistance with course material. Professional development sessions are presented by representatives of engineering companies, program alumni or campus partners.
  • Interactive Learning Laboratory: the center offers an Interactive Learning Laboratory designed to provide a structured, nurturing environment where students transitioning into engineering can receive supplemental instruction in mathematics, chemistry, physics, critical thinking and college survival skills. The Interactive Learning Laboratory blends a variety of approaches to learning, including one-on-one learning sessions and collaborative (peer) learning. However, the centerpiece of the forum is the instructional program offered via CD-ROM interactive software technology. The lab is staffed with graduate and undergraduate students as coordinators/facilitators. The lab also has time management and college success strategies components, tailored specifically for the Auburn Engineering environment.
  • Collaborative Learning Sessions: In order to foster collaborative and peer learning, the center organizes transitioning engineering students into study groups, based on a common technical course. The groups meet for one collaborative learning session each week, based on a common convenient time. Mentor-tutors, which are upperclassmen proficient in the subject matter, are assigned as facilitators to each of the groups. The mentor- tutors provide structure to the session and insure that problem-solving progress at a reasonable pace.
  • Peer Learning Sessions: the center assists freshmen and transfer engineering students who need extra help in entry-level math, chemistry and physics. The tutorials are led by a team of volunteer upperclassmen who are proficient in the subjects. The format of the learning sessions foster peer group learning as well as one-on-one learning with a facilitator.