Advisory Board Statement of Purpose

To provide a forum for the collection and expression of opinions and recommendations on matters of alumni engagement and participation, fund raising, recruiting, increasing program awareness, enhancing involvement with K-12 engineering initiatives, and promoting mentoring activities with current and prospective underrepresented engineering students throughout the nation. 


Board Members


Pam Boyd, Distribution Manager 

Alabama Power Company


Dan Bush, Associate Director of Development

Samuel Ginn College of Engineering


Kevin Chapman, GCSD &

Senior Engineering Manager

Harris Corporation


Amy Dobbs, Lead Staffing Manager

Human Resources

AT&T HR Talent Operations

AT&T Alabama


Steve Duke, Ph.D.

Associate Dean of Academics

Samuel Ginn College of Engineering


Jeffrey Fergus, Ph.D.

Associate Dean of Assessment

Samuel Ginn College of Engineering


Alison Frazier, Engineering Manager

City of Auburn


Tom Garrett, Chief HR Officer

Brasfield & Gorrie


Jim Heilbron, Senior Vice President &

Senior Production Officer

Southern Company


Bob Karcher, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean of Students

Samuel Ginn College of Engineering


Kenneth Kelly, Business Development Manager

Southern Power Company


Mark Murphy, General Manager

AT&T Connected Communities

AT&T Georgia


Monica Parnell, Sr. Contract Manager

AT&T Southeast Region

AT&T Alabama


Eugene Robinson, GSC Information Technology

ExxonMobil Chemical Company


Cheryl Seals, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Computer Science & Software

Samuel Ginn College of Engineering


Dale Smithers, IP & Portfolio Manager

Specialty Plastics

Eastman Chemical Company


K-Rob Thomas, Area Transmission Maintenance Manager

Alabama Power Company


Chris Timpson, Technical Services Manager

TenCate Water & Environment


Membership Application

The advisory board meets twice annually, once in the spring and once in the fall. The advisory board member application process opens in December. The application deadline is the last day of January. Applications are reviewed prior to the spring advisory board meeting, and based on the selections new appointees are announced in July. Three members are selected each year to maintain a maximum 25-person advisory board.