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Professional Development

Online and DVD/CD Continuing Education for License
Renewal and Professional Development
*All non-professional certificate courses have a one year expiration date.
Now offering quantity discounts (orders of three or four courses = 10 percent discount and orders of five or more courses = 20 percent discount).
Free Course: "Numbers to People" (2 hrs) Introductory Course to Business Essentials for Engineering Professionals (BEEP) Series Certificate
Learn more about "Business Essentials for Engineering Professionals" series certificate (BEEP)

Enhancing your professional development is a proven tool for keeping your skills current and achieving your career goals in a constantly changing world. Through training, seminars or conferences, you can continue growing professionally in your field of expertise at your own speed. All of our programs qualify for Continuing Education Units (CEUs), and many courses are approved for specific licensure renewal credits.

Subject Matter Experts:
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