Academic Programs

Undergraduate Program

The Department of Biosystems Engineering offers acade42888054632_d1177b8749_o.jpgmic programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Our programs are offered through the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering with cooperation from the College of Agriculture and the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences.

Students who complete the undergraduate program receive a Bachelor of Biosystems Engineering degree.  Within the Biosystems Engineering degree program, students select from four pathways: Biosystems Engineering, a Bioprocess Engineering option, an Ecological Engineering option, and a Forest Engineering option. For more information, contact Genta Stanfield

Graduate Program

Graduate study in the department of Biosystems Engineering may lead to the Master of Science(M.S.) or Doctor of Philosophy(Ph.D.). At the graduate level, students can specialize in the following: Bioenergy


and Bioproducts Engineering, Food and Biological Engineering, Precision Agriculture and Forestry, Off-Highway Vehicle Engineering, Ecological Engineering, or Production and Process Engineering. Details about requirements, assistantships, and policies for graduate study in Biosystems Engineering department are available by contacting Dr. Sushil Adhikari at .

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