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Research Focus Areas:

ACRC faculty and students conduct advanced research in the field of cybersecurity drawing on a variety of disciplines and specialized technical areas. Our current research focuses on the following thrusts:

  • Secure Software Engineering
  • Cloud Security and Forensics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Advanced Manufacturing Security

Research Partners

ACRC collaborates with government agencies at the state and federal levels, academic institutions, industry partners, and small businesses. Examples of our research partners include:

  • National Science Foundation
  • Department of Defense
  • National Security Agency
  • Central Intelligence Agency
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Kansas City National Security Campus
  • State of Alabama Office of Information Technology
  • Dynetics
  • Progeny
  • Trideum

Work With Us:

We are always looking to establish new partnerships to conduct research. If you have a cybersecurity problem that requires deep technical expertise, we can help. Please contact Daniel Tauritz, interim director of the Auburn Cyber Research Center, for more information.

Examples of current and past projects

  • Sponsor: U.S. Army PEO Missile and Space
    Project Title: Cybersecurity For System Of Systems Architectures
    Purpose: Conduct a cybersecurity vulnerability assessment of U.S. Army air and missile defense systems currently being deployed.
  • Sponsor: Progeny (U.S. Navy funding)
    Project Title: Virtual Machine Introspection
    Purpose: Develop a DEVSEC Ops framework for monitoring security through introspection of virtual machine memory, service calls, and OI. 
  • Sponsor: CIA
    Purpose: Adversarial AI-based cyber identity protection and privacy.
  • Sponsor: Hexagon Intergraph
    Project Title: Intergraph Explorer Vulnerability Assessment
    Purpose: Identify software vulnerabilities in InterGraph Explorer, a single-page web app used to record and track police dispatches within a municipal unit.
  • Sponsor: U.S. Army
    Project Title: Cybersecurity of Space Assets
    Purpose: Propose a cybersecurity roadmap for small tactical satellites based on a vulnerability assessment of satellite ground stations.