Profiler Certification

The NCAT Pavement Test Track serves as host to an Inertial Profiler Certification Program. An average of more than 40 operators and their profilers visit the Test Track each year specifically to maintain a current certification.  

The certification program includes:

  • DMI accuracy certification
  • On-Track comparison runs
  • In-class topics and specifications review
  • ProVAL proficiency demonstration
  • Written exam
  • Vertical verifications

For data to be considered for certification, it must be submitted on the same day it was collected.


Please visit for a list of available dates.

Program Content:

This course introduces participants to the basic principles, tools, and techniques used for operation of inertial profilers and processing of the data collected. The participants will be able to apply the lessons from the course in both the agency and contractor settings, at levels from beginner to management.



From I-85 in Alabama (traveling from either Montgomery, AL or Atlanta, GA), take exit 62 (near mile marker 62) and travel east on US 280. Drive 4.4 miles, then turn right onto Lee Road 391 (Old Columbus Road). Drive 1.7 miles, then turn left onto Lee Road 151. You will reach the main entrance to the Test Track on the right after traveling 1.5 miles. Turn right into the gate and enter the parking area. Please check in at the office when you arrive.