Testing Laboratory

Asphalt core samples

NCAT technicians are knowledgeable and experienced with the latest mix design, binder, and performance testing equipment. Download our Asphalt Testing Services Flyer or contact our lab manager Jason Moore for more information about our independent testing and analysis.

Our AASHTO-accredited NCAT laboratory is well equipped to perform all routine mix design and quality control tests for binders and mixtures, including a full array of Superpave asphalt binder-testing equipment such as:

  • - dynamic shear rheometers
  • - bending beam rheometers
  • - pressure aging vessel
  • - direct tension tester
  • - Brookfield viscometer

In addition to the capability to perform aggregate source and consensus property testing, the laboratory also includes:

  • - digital aggregate imaging system
  • - Micro-Deval abrasion equipment
  • - LA abrasion
  • - British polishing wheel and pendulum tester

NCAT is equipped to perform advanced characterization mixture tests such as:

  • - dynamic modulus
  • - repeated load deformation
  • - Hamburg wheel tracking
  • - Asphalt Pavement Analyzer rutting
  • - indirect tensile creep compliance and strength
  • - repeated-load shear
  • - bending beam fatigue
  • - fracture energy
  • - permeability testing
  • - interlayer bond strength