Field Testing Equipment

Laser apparatus on field testing van

NCAT is one of the world’s leading institutions for asphalt pavement research and testing. We develop and evaluate new products, design technologies and construction methods that lead to asphalt pavement improvements. 

Our technicians are knowledgeable and experienced with the latest field testing equipment. We offer:

  • Non-destructive deflection testing
  • Structural pavement analysis and design
  • Forensic structural testing and analysis
  • Quality control testing during pavement construction and rehabilitation projects
  • Visual condition surveys to identify existing surface condition
  • Laboratory characterization

Key benefits of a comprehensive evaluation include:

  • Determining current pavement condition and in-situ pavement layer strengths
  • Identifying pavement design parameters
  • Estimating remaining functional and structural serviceable life
  • Proactive identification of early-stage structural problems (proactive pavement management)
  • Site-specific pavement rehabilitation designs (Mechanistic-Empirical)
  • Forensic assessment may assist in identifying underlying causes of failure

Download our printable Pavement Engineering Services Flyer or contact Fabricio Leiva for more information about structural testing, analysis, and rehabilitation design.