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Secure Copy (SCP)

The free Windows program WinSCP (Cyberduck for Macintosh users) is highly recommended for transferring your files from Engineering servers (H: drive, Departmental G: drive, and Senior Design drives ) to your remote computers. It is preferred over FTP because FTP programs transmit your username and password across the internet to our servers in plain text (where it could be easily intercepted by unfriendly people). WinSCP encrypts transmissions and hides your password.

You must download and install WinSCP on your remote PC. The software may be downloaded from AU Install. It is also one of the programs included on the FCI download page. When you install the program, you will create a new session. The session requires the name of the SCP server. The College of Engineering SCP server is:

A sample session is shown below. You connect using your Auburn University username and password. Click Save... to save this session for future use.

WinSCP Session Screen Shot


CyberDuck for Macintosh(Macs) Intel based (Macbook, and MacBook Pros)

Macintosh users may use the SCP feature of the CyberDuck program to connect to the Engineering SCP server