The primary e-mail client for Engineering users is Outlook. Outlook (Exchange) email, addresses and calendars may also be accessed through a campus website called Outlook Web App (

Faculty may install Microsoft Office on any computer. If you are using Outlook from off campus from a slow connection, you should use the Outlook Web App website to access your mail.

This introduction video for Microsoft Office 2019 is a very good place to start:

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  • Email client: any program with which your read, compose and send mail, for example, Outlook, Netscape Mail, Groupwise client, Mozilla Mail or Pine
  • Outlook client: the email client that is designed to take the fullest advantage of features available on the Exchange server
  • Email server: the computer that accepts incoming messages, stores inboxes, folders, and appointments, communicates with the email client so you can read, compose and send messages
  • Exchange server: an email server that uses software from Microsoft which is called Exchange.
  • POP, IMAP: two of the most common ways or protocols an email client and email server communicate (Pop nor POP3 are not supported by Auburn or Engineering)
  • SSL: the most common way that information is encrypted before being transmitted over the internet
  • OIT: Office of Information Technology, the central computing and network group
  • ENS: Engineering Network Services, Engineering's own computing and network group