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Academic Honesty and Ethics

Auburn University views academic honesty as critical to academic integrity and an important part of the educational process. In order for students to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to perform in their career fields upon graduation from Auburn University, it is important that each student complete his or her own work.

The Student Academic Honesty Code is presented in-full within the Tiger Cub Student Handbook. Additionally, because academic dishonesty is treated as a serious issue, Auburn University has created a website give students the information and resources to avoid academic dishonesty and to give give faculty information on how to prevent academic dishonesty.

The Department of Chemical Engineering strongly supports the Auburn University academic honesty policy and has developed a departmental academic honesty policy.  Please use the left sidebar to access this information.

The American Institute of Chemical Engineering provides additional information about professional ethics in the practice of chemical engineering.  Please use the left sidebar to access this information.