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About Us

Alabama Solid Waste Study is an independent assessment of Alabama’s current solid waste management regulations, which will be completed by an interdisciplinary team at Auburn University. The study is funded by the Alabama Department of Environmental Management. The purpose of this research is to review the current process for approving new landfill sites within the state, seek public input about the management of solid waste in Alabama, and propose new procedures and regulations surrounding the landfill approval process. Through a series of public meetings, we will seek feedback from residents on how garbage is handled in your area and how we as a state can better manage the collection and disposal of solid waste materials for a better tomorrow.

We encourage you to use this site to learn more about current landfill locations, the process and procedures, and any proposed changes. In addition, we provide related links to external websites that provide usual information about solid waste management and legislation within our state and beyond. Recent news articles from our news section compare and contrast how other states manage and control their solid waste. Most importantly, the public meetings page lists upcoming events where residents can learn about and share their opinions on solid waste management in the State of Alabama. We encourage our residents to attend one of these meetings, but when this is not possible, comments and suggestions may be submitted in writing as well.