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Construction Engineering and Management

constructionThe ultimate product of every civil and environmental engineer's work is a constructed facility. The construction industry accounts for 15 out of every 100 jobs in the country and consumes more basic and finished materials than any other industry. Civil and environmental engineers are responsible not only for the design of complex engineering systems but also for the direction and management of their construction.

The construction of a highway, a power plant, a concrete dam, or an office building requires an in-depth understanding of economic principles, design fundamentals, and material properties and management techniques. Civil engineers play a vital role in constructing facilities that directly affect our national prosperity and the overall quality of life.

Graduate study

Construction engineering and management research focus on developing tools and methods to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the construction management process. Much of the research involves close contact with the construction industry to ensure that the problems with the most potential for improvement are addressed and that the construction industry is made aware of the advancements achieved through research. Coursework covers the basics of horizontal and vertical construction and analytical tools available to the construction manager.

Faculty in construction engineering and management