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Master of Civil Engineering degree (MCE, non-thesis)

  • Requires a minimum of 30 semester hours of committee-approved graduate courses, which may include three semester hours of Civil Engineering Project (CIVL 7980) but taking CIVL 7980 is not a mandatory requirement.
  • Courses in related fields outside of the department can be taken as part of the mandatory 30 hours upon approval by the student's major advisor and advisory committee.
  • All MCE graduate students should get approval from the student’s major professor about what courses they can take each semester.  All graduate courses that a student takes from Auburn University will be eventually evaluated by the Graduate School when graduate courses are included in the official degree plan.  If the student registers/takes courses without the advisor’s approval, those courses may not be approved by the Graduate School and the advisory committee, therefore, those courses may not be counted towards the degree.
  • Credit hours for 7990 Research and Thesis cannot be counted toward graduation requirements for non-thesis (MCE) degree programs (a policy from Graduate School).
  • Effective October 2022, a plan of study for MCE degree students is required by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.  Use the worksheet to develop the plan of study, and submit it by clicking MCE Plan of Study Submission before you submit the CTEC Form to the Graduate School. 
  • At least one semester before graduation, the student needs to complete and submit the Committee, Transfers, Exceptions and Candidacy (CTEC) Form, which identifies the student, the major professor (committee chair), two committee members (typically professors who you took courses), possible transfer courses, and/or exceptions.
  • Each student should work closely with the major professor and use the worksheet as needed to plan for courses taken at AU, transfer courses, exceptions, requirements, and graduation date prior to submitting the Committee Selection (CTEC) Form. 
  • No language requirement.
  • No residency requirement.
  • Do not need to submit Form 8 (student comprehensive examination form) since it does not require a comprehensive exam or project defense.
  • Should submit a graduation application request to the Graduate School prior to the semester of expected graduation.
  • Graduation day is the official last day of each semester and, therefore, is the deadline for approved plans of study and graduation checks for graduation in the following semester.
  • Because there is no residency requirement, the MCE (in the environmental and structural engineering area only) can be obtained anywhere in the USA through the Auburn Engineering Graduate Online Program.
  • Special requirements (prerequisites) for students holding college degrees in fields other than civil and environmental engineering.