The College of Engineering and Auburn University provide users with a wide range of applications. These applications support instruction and research. Engineering maintains a database of available software. The software database describes each application including available platforms, how to access the software and any restrictions on use. (Software Database)

PC and Sun Labs

Software supporting Engineering coursework is installed in the Engineering Computer labs (Shelby 1110, Shelby 1113, Shelby 2210, Broun 123, and Aerospace 123). Users with valid Engineering user accounts may use the software in these labs. Other departmental labs allow access to software packages provided by that department (e.g. Industrial, Chemical, Aerospace, Mechanical and Civil Engineering).

Add/Remove Programs (Offices)

In Faculty, Staff and Research offices, software can be installed by users who are Administrators for their computers. Some of the most popular software is available (for Windows) in the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel. To install, open the Control Panel, choose Add/Remove Programs and then on the left column, click once on the "Add New Programs" button. Note that some software in this list (e.g Microsoft Office) is not available to non-University owned computers. Other software (e.g. SPSS) must be purchased before it will install correctly.
Adobe Acrobat Professional is available from from AU Software Download Website


Some older software packages are available for checkout from 270 Ross Hall Building. You can browse available software in the Software Database.


Linux/Sun Software

"Does anyone still use the Suns?" No. We do have several virtual linux boxes. But many who do never sit in front of one. Some advantages of the Engineering Linix network:

  • Computers can be accessed remotely - on or off campus. Not all off-campus access requires a high speed connection.
  • All available software packages are available from anywhere. You don't have to install them and they are all licensed to run on any Engineering linix workstation.
  • There is a huge collection of software available and many software packages. These programs are primarily engineering, computational and programming, but you can see the complete listing in the Engineering Software Database

Many of the programs available in Engineering are available in Mac, Linux and PC versions. The Linux platforms will continue to allow our users to remotely access software for their coursework and research.