1. How do I go about getting an account?

For Engineering majors or those taking Engineering courses, accounts are generated automatically. If you experience difficulty logging into engineering labs, please visit 270 Ross Hall during normal business hours for assistance.

2. What if I forgot my password?

Your Engineering password should be synchronized with your Auburn/Tigermail password. You can try to syncronize your password at the Auburn University Password Sync page www.auburn.edu/password. If you forget/lose your password, then you will need to contact the OIT Helpdesk (4-4944 or go to the Helpdesk in the 1st floor of the University Library).

3. What happens to my account between semesters?

All undergrad accounts are cleaned during the semester breaks. If you need to keep a copy of specific files, you should make a personal backup on an external Hard drive or USB Jumpdrive.