The Auburn Engineering Center for Inclusive Engineering Excellence was founded in 1996 as the Minority Engineering Program. Dedicated to promoting diversity within engineering, the program serves to recruit, retain and reward underrepresented students within all engineering fields.

For more than 25 years, the Center for Inclusive Engineering Excellence has played a vital role in promoting diversity among the Auburn Engineering student body while serving students through academic and professional development, mentorship and peer learning. Now serving more than 400 students each year, CI2E offers those same opportunities as well as collaborative study groups, workshops, programs for career readiness and financial awards.

Support CI2E’s 25th Anniversary Year

As we prepare to celebrate 25 years of CI2E’s impact on students in engineering, we ask you to join us in donating to the Center for Inclusive Engineering Excellence program today. Your generosity will allow us to continue to provide scholarships and programming for our underrepresented students in engineering.

Over the Years



Minority Engineering Program is founded in 1996.

“Our program isn’t just about helping the participants with homework and in preparation for exams,” said Dennis Weatherby, former MEP director. “We teach them to master the principles they learn in class…when you're talking about long-term success in the field of engineering, building a good foundation by teaching them the key principles is the only way to go." 



BellSouth Corporation announces $1.05 million contribution to the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering’s Minority Engineering Program, becoming the program’s first corporate sponsor.

The program is renamed the BellSouth Minority Engineering Program at Auburn University following the announcement. 


Att Program

The program is now known as the AT&T Minority Engineering Program following the merger of BellSouth Corporation and AT&T. 


Cordelia Brown

Alabama Power becomes the signature sponsor of the program and it is renamed the Alabama Power Engineering Academic Excellence Program.

Cordelia Brown is selected director of the program in 2015, bringing with her extensive experience in educational research and minority activities.


Aubie at Cupola

The Center for Inclusive Engineering Excellence has continued to grow its presence on Auburn’s Engineering campus. With its new location in the Brown-Kopel Engineering Student Achievement Center, the program is able to engage more students than ever.

Dennis W. Weatherby - A Visionary

Dennis Weatherby
Dennis Weatherby

Chemical engineering pioneer Dennis W. Weatherby’s legacy extends beyond his innovations at Procter & Gamble where he created a lemon-scented dishwashing detergent. After changing lives through the household cleaner, Weatherby left his corporate career behind to change lives as an academic advisor. In 1996, Weatherby joined Auburn University as the director of the new minority engineering program. As an alumnus of Auburn Engineering’s graduate programs, he served as an inspiring example to future Auburn engineers. Though he passed away in 2007, his role in establishing the minority engineering program – which is now known as the Center for Inclusive Engineering Excellence – continues to have a profound impact on generations of Auburn graduates. It is in his honor that the Dennis W. Weatherby Society is named.