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Dean's Office

The Dean's office oversees all education, research, and outreach activities within the college by providing direction and structure and by working with individual chairs and department heads, directors and associate deans. This office works closely with the Auburn University Office of the President, Office of the Provost and the Alumni Engineering Council.

Mailing Address

Dean's Office
Samuel Ginn College of Engineering 
1301 Shelby Center 
Auburn University, AL 36849

Phone: (334) 844-2308
Fax: (334) 844-4487

Dean - Christopher Roberts
Christopher Roberts

Office: 1301 Shelby Center
Phone: (334) 844-2308

The dean of engineering is responsible for the overall direction, scope and mission of the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering. He administers the academic programs of the college through the individual chairs and department heads, and its research centers and outreach programs through their respective directors and associate deans; coordinates the activities of the Ginn College of Engineering through the university-wide Dean's Council, and administratively though the Office of the Provost; and works with the Auburn Alumni Engineering Council and the College of Engineering's Office of Development in maintaining Auburn Engineering's relationship with its more than 30,000 alumni. 

Associate Dean for Academics - Steve R. Duke
Steve R. Duke

Office: 1301 Shelby Center
Phone: (334) 844-2866

Responsible for administering the college's academic mission and overseeing all facets of its academic programs; assesses the scope and content of engineering curricula, and coordinates student-focused engineering initiatives. Ensures the academic integrity of the college, while providing counsel to faculty, staff and students on a wide variety of academic issues.

Associate Dean for Program Assessment and Graduate Studies - Jeffrey Fergus
Jeffrey Fergus

Office: 1301 Shelby Center
Phone: (334) 844-3405

Responsible for managing the assessment and continuous improvement processes associated with all aspects of the College of Engineering’s mission. Coordinates graduate level activities on a college-wide basis to assure a superior educational experience for the college’s graduate students. Coordinates graduate planning across 11 curricula within the College of Engineering.

Associate Dean for Research - Steve Taylor
Steve Taylor

Office: 1301 Shelby Center
Phone: (334) 844-2301

Provides support and leadership in engineering research by expanding scientific and engineering knowledge through innovative research and creative partnerships involving academia, industry and government engineering research, facilities, collaborative opportunities and technology transfer. He is also responsible for coordination and promotion of the college's research through eight academic departments, three peaks of excellence and 11 research centers.

Senior Adviser to the Dean - Ed Lewis
Ed Lewis

Office: 1310M
Phone: 334.844.2737

Dean Emeritus - Larry Benefield
Larry Benefield

Office: 1301 Shelby Center

Civil Engineer - Terri Carson
Terri Carson

Office: 2322 Shelby Center
Phone: (334) 844-0268

Responsible for College of Engineering facilities development, working with architects to identify the needs of the building occupants; reviews the architect's work as construction plans and specifications are developed, solicits and evaluates bids, assists the contractor in storage site selection, monitors interference of construction with university activities and traffic, and, upon project completion, ensures quality of work.

Director, Nuclear Power Generation Systems Program - Bill Goodwin
Bill Goodwin

Office: 2321 Shelby Center
Phone: (334) 844-7599

Directs all facets of the Nuclear Power Generation Systems program for undergraduate engineering students. Responsible for all academics, co-op and internship coordination, scholarship program, personnel actions and fiscal matters pertaining to the program.

Director of Administration, Business and Finance - David Hennessey
David Hennessey

Office: 1301D Shelby Center
Phone: 334.844.2304

David directs the financial and human resource administration for the College of Engineering. In addition, he manages contract and grant issues, proposal submission, contract administration, account management, cost sharing, budget, and financial analysis and reporting for the college. He also represents the College of Engineering in administration of university policies and procedures and works with external organizations in administration of awards.

College Events Coordinator - Angie Lemke
Angie Lemke

Office: 1301 Shelby Center
Phone: (334) 844-2306

Provides administrative support to the dean of engineering via meeting and conference organization, appointment scheduling, reception and correspondence.

Executive Coordinator-Academics - Heather Conner
Heather Conner

Office: 1301 Shelby Center
Phone: (334) 844-2300

Provides administrative support through meeting and conference organization, appointment scheduling, reception and correspondence.

Administration Support Associate – Academic - Pamela Jeffers
Pamela Jeffers

Office: 1301B Shelby Center
Phone: 334-844-2215

Provides administrative support to the associate dean for academics, prepares e-vouchers and key/card access request for Shelby Center.

Senior Manager Human Resources - Tammy Walker
Tammy Walker

Office: 1310L
Phone: (334) 844-2274

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