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Staff Directory

Senior Director - Derek Dictson
Derek Dictson

Office: 1320N Shelby Center
Phone: 334.844.1138

Directs the college’s development and fundraising efforts, manages and coaches officers and coordinators, directs the college’s strategic plan in collaboration with the dean and ensures goals and objectives are met. He also serves as a major gifts officer and liaison to the Thomas Walter Center.

Development Officer - Dan Bush
Dan Bush

Office: 1320Q Shelby Center
Phone: 334.844.1488

Focuses on leadership and major giving, as well as corporate giving and relations, and also serves as liaison for research, gifts-in-kind, the departments of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Nuclear Power Generation Systems and Alabama Power Academic Excellence programs.

Development Officer - David Mattox
David Mattox

Office: 1320N Shelby Center
Phone: 334.844.1278

Focuses on leadership and major giving, and serves as liaison to the Aerospace and Chemical Engineering departments, as well as the Auburn Pulp and Paper Foundation.

Development Officer - Margaret Arnold
Margaret Arnold

Office: 1320P Shelby Center
Phone: 334.844.7742

Focuses on leadership and major giving, and foundation relations, and serves as liaison to the Engineering Parents' Association, 100+ Women Strong program and the Department of Civil Engineering.

Development Officer - Casey Waid
Casey Waid

Office: 1320M Shelby Center
Phone: 334.844.8220

Focuses on leadership and major giving; serves as liaison for the Biosystems, Wireless, and Materials Engineering departments.

Development Officer - Hillary Nowland
Hillary Nowland

Office: 1320L Shelby Center
Phone: 334.844.5251

Focuses on leadership and major giving, and serves as liaison for the Mechanical and Computer Science and Software Engineering departments, as well as the Tribology Lubrication Science minor.  
Associate Development Officer - Ross Beitzel
Ross Beitzel

Office: 1320M Shelby Center
Phone: 334.844.5519

Focuses on annual giving; directs the Engineering Eagles Society; serves as liaison for the Young Alumni Council, Engineers Without Borders, Motorsport Teams, Hyperloop Team, Brick Program, Center for Polymers and Advanced Composites and Parents’ Association.

Development Coordinator - Katie Hardy
Katie Hardy

Office: 1320R Shelby Center
Phone: 334.844.5222

Budget, accounts and office manager, athletic event hosting coordinator, student worker supervisor, assistant to the senior director

Development Coordinator - Wade Welch
Wade Welch

Office: 1320R Shelby Center
Phone: 334.844.7461

Engineering events manager, development officer travel facilitator, Young Alumni Council coordinator
Development Coordinator - Katie Kingston
Katie Kingston

Office: 1314 Shelby Center
Phone: 334.844.7610

Development officer travel facilitator, development associate travel facilitator, Eagles Society coordinator, Parents’ Association coordinator, Bricks program coordinator, football parking coordinator.

Development Coordinator - Myra Girard
Myra Girard

Office: 1320T Shelby Center
Phone: 334.844.9130

Development officer travel facilitator, 100+ Women Strong coordinator, Parents Association coordinator, Keystone Society liaison.
Development Coordinator - Haley Sutley
Haley Sutley

Office: 1320T Shelby Center
Phone: 334.844.4508

Development officer travel facilitator, room/building naming coordinator, scholarship program coordinator and programmatic priorities coordinator.
Development Coordinator - Lindsey Baker
Lindsey Baker

Office: 1320 Shelby Center
Phone: 334.844.2736

Development officer travel facilitator, stewardship program coordinator, donor recognition societies coordinator, planned giving liaison and alumni award nominations liaison.
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