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The purpose of BMES is to build and support the biomedical engineering community in and around Auburn University. BMES aims to expose students to the diverse field of biomedical engineering through guest speakers, discussions, design projects, and mentorship programs. We believe the connections between students, faculty, and professionals in industry and research are critical in ensuring our members' smooth transition from Auburn into their career paths.

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Tuesdays at 6:30pm, Zoom Meetings

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BMES National Conference : October 6-9, 2021 in Orlando, FL

Design Competition Team will be meeting regularly. Schedule TBA

Gain hands-on lab and research experience by joining our team currently working on a hand sanitizer formula to produce for the College of Engineering!

Guest Lectures:

9/3: Dr. Eberhardt from UAB's Department of Biomedical Engineering will speak about his research involved in orthopedic and injury biomechancis as well as the BME program at UAB.

9/17: Dr. Raghav from Auburn's Department of Aerospace Engineering will speak about his fluid mechanics research within the heart and lungs.

9/24: Dr. Moreadith, CEO of Serina Therapeutics, will speak about his company and their POZ™ technology for drug delivery systems.

9/29: Dr. Denney from Auburn's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering will speak about his MRI research.

10/8: Dr. Schwiebert, CEO of Discovery BioMed, will speak about his company and their research involved in human cell engineering to develop treatments for various conditions.

10/15: Rachel Breece, Auburn Chemical Engineering Alumna will speak about her role at Pharmavite Opelika.

10/29: Dr. Zabala from the Department of Mechanical Engineering will present about the biomechanical engineering lab as well as his involvement in Auburn's Re-InVENT project to aid in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

11/12: Dr. Durham from the Harrison School of Pharmacy will speak about his coronavirus research as well as his role in Alabama's Coronavirus Task Force.

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