Research Sponsors

The NCAT Test Track is funded and managed as a cooperative project. Representatives from each research sponsor are onsite while test sections are being built in order to provide oversight and ensure that as-built properties best meet their needs. Highway agencies and industry sponsors have the opportunity to explore specific research needs that can be evaluated in one or two test sections, and broader research needs of the asphalt pavement community can be met through pooled fund experiments involving several test sections.

Since the results of the track’s experiments are typically evident in the performance of the sections, the findings are generally easy to interpret. This gives highway agency sponsors confidence to make decisions regarding their specifications for materials, mixes, and construction practices, as well as pavement design methods that can improve the performance of their roadways. Industry sponsors can use the track to publicly and convincingly demonstrate their product or technology to the pavement engineering community.

Test section sponsorship is open to both public and private participation. Contact Randy West or Nathan Moore for additional information.

Eighth Cycle Sponsors (2021-2023)