NCHRP and FAA Reports

FAA Reports

DOT/FAA/TC 22-46

In-Service Performance of Airport Flexible Pavements Constructed Following State Specifications for Highway Pavement Materials

NCHRP Reports

NCHRP Project 20-50 (Task 18)
Investigating the Relationship of As-Constructed Asphalt Pavement Air Voids to Pavement Performance

NCHRP Project 20-07 (Task 406)
Development of a Framework for Balanced Mix Design

NCHRP Report 890 (Project 09-55)
Using Recycled Asphalt Shingles with Warm Mix Asphalt Technologies

NCHRP Report 877 (Project 01-55)
Performance-Based Mix Design for Porous Friction Courses

NCHRP Report 805 (Project 04-35)
Improved Test Methods for Specific Gravity and Absorption of Coarse and Fine Aggregate

NCHRP Synthesis 464
Thin Asphalt Concrete Overlays

NCHRP Report 779 (Project 09-47A)
Field Performance of Warm Mix Asphalt Technologies

NCHRP Report 752 (Project 09-46)
Improved Mix Design, Evaluation, and Materials Management Practices for Hot Mix Asphalt with High Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement Content

NCHRP Report 648 (Project 09-39)
Mixing and Compaction Temperatures of Asphalt Binders in Hot-Mix Asphalt

NCHRP Report 646 (Project 09-38)
Validating the Fatigue Endurance Limit for Hot Mix Asphalt

NCHRP Report 573 (Project 09-09)
Superpave Mix Design: Verifying Gyration Levels in the Ndesign Table

NCHRP Report 539 (Project 09-35)
Aggregate Properties and the Performance of Superpave-Designed Hot Mix Asphalt

NCHRP Report 531 (Project 09-27)
Relationships of HMA In-Place Air Voids, Lift Thickness, and Permeability

NCHRP Report 508 (Project 09-17)
Accelerated Laboratory Rutting Tests: Evaluation of the Asphalt Pavement Analyzer

NCHRP Report 464 (Project 09-14)
The Restricted Zone in the Superpave Aggregate Gradation Specification

NCHRP Report 441 (Project D9-11)
Segregation in Hot-Mix Asphalt Pavements

NCHRP Report 425 (Project D9-8)
Designing Stone Matrix Asphalt Mixtures for Rut-Resistant Pavements

NCHRP Report 405 (Project D4-19)
Aggregate Tests Related to Asphalt Concrete Performance in Pavements