Cost Optimization Tool for Permeable Pavements (COTPP)

OVERVIEW: The Cost Optimization Tool for Permeable Pavements is a free, excel-based tool that will allow a designer to optimize the cost of permeable pavement in conjunction with other low impact design (LID) techniques (i.e., infiltration trench) to encourage the use of LIDs for stormwater management.

This tool includes the following:

  • The most appropriate structural and hydrological design methods among all the non-standardized industry methods for permeable pavement design (at the time of publication).
  • The ability to design simultaneously the (3) three main types of permeable pavements, pervious concrete (PC), porous asphalt (PA), and permeable interlocking pavers (PICP). This reduces the need for multiple different design tools or manual design and accelerates the design process.
  • A cost optimization algorithm developed to help optimize the costs of permeable pavements through combinations with non-conventional pavements and other green infrastructures such as bioretention and infiltration trench. This will benefit municipalities, owner agencies, and design professionals in general during the planning stage by helping achieve cost optimization of permeable pavement systems for stormwater management.
  • A user-friendly and accessible interface as it was developed in a Microsoft Excel format, which is a computing tool that is available to most design engineers and decision makers. This will help reduce the need to invest in and learn complex modeling or optimization packages.


DISCLAIMER: This software is offered free of charge, and the authors assume no responsibility for its use. Though every effort has been devoted toward its accuracy, the software should not be used in place of local standards of practice and/or design requirements. In no event shall the software developers or anyone distributing the software be liable for any damages or other liability arising from use of the software. The software license allows for the distribution and customization of the software, so long as customization is clearly stated and attribution is given to the creator. This software may not be sold, even in a customized format. Adaptations to the software should operate under the same terms.

SUPPORT: The COTPP is a product of research funded by the Alabama Water Resources Research Institute (AWRRI).

DOWNLOAD: Contained in the zip file are the COTPP tool and the COTPP User Manual.